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Best Vibration Machine Exercises - Best Vibrations

Best Vibration Machine Exercises

Using state-of-the-art vibration machines, your fitness goals can be achieved faster with better results overall. Combined with a sensible diet, the vibrations generated from these machines can maximize the effect of your workout and help you achieve your desired outcome. Here are some exercises for added fun and variation to your routine:


To target the abs and engage the obliques, people will often perform twists while engaging a vibration machine. To do this, sit on the platform with your knees bent and lean back at a 45 degree angle. Twist your torso to the right, without moving your upper body too much. Then repeat this on the left side, while keeping your back extended and abs contracted.


Much like twists, planks are great core exercises whose effects can be maximized on a vibration plate. The machine creates instability which forces your core to compensate. When in plank position, form a straight line by putting your forearms on the plate and your toes on the floor. To address internal obliques, balance with just one forearm while the sides of your feet rest on the floor. To improve spinal mobility, stand on the plate, put your hands behind your head, and rotate side-to-side from your waist. These exercises are not recommended for those who previously suffered lower back injuries to prevent potential risks.

Ab Balance

Place a mat on top of the vibration plate then sit on it. Lean back slightly then lift your feet off the ground. Bend your knees and tense your core muscles while using your arms for balance. Hold the ab balance position for 30-60 seconds. Up the challenge by extending your legs to resemble a V shape when viewed from the side.


You can work your chest, shoulders, and arms by doing vibration machine push-ups. Place your hands over the plate then extend your legs out far behind such that your body weight is supported on your hands and feet. Tone and strengthen your upper body by bending your arms and lowering your chest, then pausing once almost touching the platform. Push back up to the starting position. For a more challenging workout, raise your feet on a step or stability ball.


Lunges can be performed in two ways, either by putting one foot (front or rear) on the plate, or with both feet on the vibration machine. Beginners can start off with the front foot and perform lunges facing the machine. As you advance, you can face away and lunge with your back foot as well.

Ball Exercises

The great thing about vibration machine workouts is you can get creative and do almost anything while shaking. This includes utilizing weighted exercise balls. Facing away from the controls, hold a weighted ball while standing on the vibration plate. Put the ball out in front of you and twist from your waist towards the right. Hold for 2 seconds then return to center. Repeat the same process for the left side.

Weight Lifting

Vibration machine exercises provide excellent training for all fitness levels and can be adjusted accordingly. Standing on the machine opens up the opportunity for weightlifting, including bicep curls, lateral arm raises, shoulder presses and overhead extensions. Choose a weight that will challenge you but is light enough to maintain proper form. Slowly move through your complete range of motion to get the maximum effect.

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