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Comparing the Best Vibration Machines Side-By-Side - Best Vibrations

Comparing the Best Vibration Machines Side-By-Side

Vibration machines are a great addition to anyone’s home or commercial gym. But, how do you choose which one to get? To help you out, we reviewed three of the best vibrational trainers on the market, the Vmax Pulser, the Nitrofit Deluxe, and the Hypervibe G17 Pro and summarized them down below so you can easily compare. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s see which one best suits you!

Hypervibe G17 Pro

Whether you are buying a vibration machine for your home or your commercial gym, the Hypervibe G17 Pro is a great choice. It provides a number of health and medical benefits for its users. The machine can aid in limiting back and joint pain, boost blood circulation, and improve general flexibility. This vibration machine features a large vibration plate made of durable rubber coated steel. The vibration amplitude can reach a maximum of 1/4 inch. Additionally, it can vibrate as fast as 35 cycles per second. It also comes with stabilizing bars to offer you extra support when using it.

The machine also comes with a help LCD display screen. It is programmed with 30 different fitness routines. Plus, the screen is capable of playing video and displaying images, too. So, it can actually show you how to do over 100 different exercises. The screen also comes with an advanced control system that makes working out simpler than ever before. On the downside, the Hypervibe G17 Pro does not come with any kind of heart rate sensor.

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Nitrofit Deluxe

The Nitrofit Deluxe Vibrational Trainer is specifically made to increase your energy levels, blood levels, and fitness levels throughout the day. This trainer is ideal for home gyms, especially for the price. The Nitrofit Deluxe is a strong, durable machine powered by a 1,100-watt motor. The standing plate has a vibrational amplitude of a half inch. The machine also comes with dual ergonomic arm bars for balance during your workouts.

The Nitrofit Deluxe packs resistance bands that apply nearly 50 pounds of resistance and the LCD control panel offers a body-fat calculator in addition to displaying which mode you’re on. The trainer cycles eight to 30 times per second of vibrational speed. Additionally, the display can go through five different pre-programmed modes for you to choose from.

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Vmax Pulser

The Vmax Pulser is a heavy duty exercise machine that is powered by dual motors and is equipped with three vibration modes to provide the best performance. It has a vibrational plate that can cycle up to 60 times a second. Additionally, it also has a 1,100-watt built-in motor for oscillating vibrations and a 700-watt motor built in for linear vibrations.

They each have 60-speed levels for you to choose from, depending on what kind of workout you like. The Vmax Pulser also comes with resistance bands for extra upper body strength workouts and has a built-in ergonomic bar to grip. It also has a central control panel with LED lights to help you manage the device while exercising. Overall, the Vmax Pulser is a heavy and large device, not fit for small spaces, such as a small home gym.

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