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How to Choose the Right Vibration Machine - Best Vibrations

How to Choose the Right Vibration Machine

Vibration machines are the latest innovation in fitness equipment, and have become incredibly popular for two reasons: they make exercising easier and they get results. These machines are fun, simple to use and effective at helping you lose weight, tone up and improve your overall health. But with all the different vibration machines available today, how do you know which ones are the best? Our goal is to help you narrow down the dozens of machines out there in order to find the right one for you. Here are some important things to consider while searching for the ideal vibration machine:

Types of Vibration

The primary consideration when choosing your machine is the plate motion. The type of vibrations utilized will determine your entire experience, each through its own unique mechanism.

Dual Vibration

Oscillation and linear vibration utilized in the dual vibration type create a powerful combination. Multiple modes offer variety, where the machine can be set to function as an oscillation platform or strictly as a linear vibration.

Triplanar Vibration

Triplanar, as its name suggests, pulsates across three planes which move in up and down or back and forth motions. This type of vibration machine is ideal for bone density improvement, muscle toning and weight loss as users feel the burn shortly after.

Linear Vibration

Linear vibration machines work strictly in an up-and-down vertical motion, which makes it easy to stand on amid high frequencies. This type of platform promotes circulation muscle relaxation, but the vibrations are too slow for strength training and weight loss.

Pivotal Vibration

In Pivotal or Oscillation machines, the platform moves about in a seesaw motion, with one side of the plate moving upwards while the other side goes downwards and vice versa. Users feel the strongest sensations on this type of plate, like when they’re walking or running, making it ideal for blood flow improvement.

Sonic Vibration

Up and down vibrations resemble that of linear vibration machines, only the platform is supported by several powerful speakers. Sonic types produce the most therapeutic and gentlest vibrations, but are also often the most expensive machines in the market.

Why Do Vibration Frequencies, Amplitude and G-Force Matter?

Frequencies determine the intensity of physiological responses and affect the results of your vibration sessions. The lowest frequency is at 3 Hz which vibrates 3 times per second, often exhibited by linear motion machines, and the highest frequency would be around 50 Hz where the machine vibrates 50 times per second. Low-velocity settings are recommended for beginners to allow the body to get used to the machine. An effective vibration machine should have sufficient amplitude pertaining to how strong the vibration is, and wide frequency range to create a gravitational load (G-Force) that’s significant enough for your body to respond.

The Platform – How Big Do You Need?

Most machines come with a relatively small platform enough to stand on. A bigger-sized or poled vibration machine would sensibly require more space for storage and use. The right platform size corresponds to your physical size, with about 5 inches to spare from the edge when standing shoulder width apart. You’d have freedom to move, experiment with different postures and positions, and fully experience a whole body vibration.

Do You Prefer a Poled or Poleless Design?

Vibration machines provide an easy and convenient way to exercise, made easier by a mounted pole to hold on to while you stand on the plate. Handlebars are quite helpful when using the machine for rehabilitation purposes. If you have absolutely no problem maintaining your balance and coordination, then you can buy a vibration machine without a pole.

Vibration Machine Power and Weight Capacity

The power of a machine depends on its motor. An under-powered machine relative to your weight hinders the vibration machine from producing the ideal frequency, amplitude, and gravitational force. If you will be sharing your machine with family members, it’d be wise to select one with a motor that supports a maximum weight in line with the heaviest user.


If money was no object, people will most likely buy the most expensive vibration machine capable of the highest settings. Given the vibration types, features and specifications, the right machine for you boils down to what would meet your particular purpose and give you the results you want.

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