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Hypervibe G17 Pro - Best Vibrations

Hypervibe G17 Pro

Best seller Hypervibe G17 Pro
9.2 Total Score
  • Spiral Vibration
  • LCD Display
  • Strong G-Force
  • Free Support Bars
  • Powerful Motor
  • Smaller Platform
  • Surprisingly Quiet
  • Internal Steel Frame

The Hypervibe G17 Pro is the newest model of Hypervibe whole body vibration machines currently on the market. This model not only brings enhanced style but also performance and intelligence. It is not just a home-based machine but it can also support professional demands like in coaching premises, salons, public gyms, and even clinics.

As such, if you are looking to slim down or strengthen your body, then the G17 Pro is one of the better choices on the market today. Its powerful vibration capabilities combine with an intuitive technology that makes it a great choice for many whole body vibration enthusiasts. It can effectively help in reducing back pain, enhancing body flexibility, increasing blood circulation and so much more.

Why Should You Choose Hypervibe G17 Pro?

The Hypervibe G17 Pro is a unique model and is an excellent choice if you want a spiral vibration that is powerful, cutting edge and effective. Here are some unique characteristics that make this vibration machine one of the more popular choices:

Frequency of Vibration Spectrum

This machine offers a wide range on the vibration spectrum, from 5-35 HZ. This wide range allows for a multitude of health benefits. At the lowest level, the vibration frequency the Hypervibe G17 Pro generates will be low enough to perform effective lymphatic drainage. At the highest level, it will generate a tremendous G-force, leading to an intense and incredibly effective workout.

The Hypervibe G-force

The G17 Pro is excellent in producing a substantially higher G-force than most other machines. Although a 35 Hz vibration frequency is not enough to produce 17.3 Gs; more acceleration is needed to produce such a high G-force. Nonetheless, the Hypervibe G17 Pro can achieve this with its additional features. Here are two fundamental features unique to the G17 Pro:

Vibration Motor: The Hypervibe G17 Pro is fitted with a 900-watt vibration motor, which is almost double the power of the typical vibration machine you would generally find. This equates to way more G-Force and in turn, a more powerful workout. Even with this heavy-duty motor and the massive G-force it produces, the machine is surprisingly silent.

Small Base Platform: Typical whole body vibration machines for sale today have around a 27” x 24’’ platform. That size is considered huge as compared to the much smaller platform on the Hypervibe G17 Pro, which measures in at around 21’’ x 13’’. With this smaller platform size, the powerful vibration motor can deliver higher accelerations into the body, which leads to higher G-force and ultimately a better workout.

The Vibration Amplitude

The Hypervibe G17 Pro machine is capable of generating a maximum vibration amplitude of 7mm. This kind of vibration amplitude is substantially high given that this device is only pivotal, and has a smaller platform. With most vibration machines going up to 10mm to produce an excellent performance, the Hypervibe G17 does it with 7mm with even less jerkiness and much deeper penetration.

Exercise Impacts

The G17 Pro brings cutting edge technology and superior performance to the Hypervibe collection. When most people say that they only need 10 minutes with the vibration machine to exercise, I wonder what they would say if they try and review Hypervibe G17 Pro machine. With a well-grounded vibration amplitude and strong G-force on such as small platform, this machine provides a more powerful exercise experience as compared to other models of whole body vibration machines.

Body Make

The Hypervibe G17 Pro frame is made in such a way that it can withstand the high amplitude and G-force. Its frame is made from plastic materials with a full steel internals beneath unlike other machines that have full or partial plastic materials at its base. The plastic frame is important in giving the machine flexibility when in high frequencies and vibration amplitudes,  while the internal steel configuration helps absorb the strong force generated. Thus, the plastic and steel combination is incredibly effective.

Warranty and Refunds

When you buy the Hypervibe G17 Pro, ensure that you get a serial and manufacture date. In the rare event you need to return the machine, the company offers a two year on-site warranty. Nevertheless, you are entitled to 1 month free trial of the machine so you can have enough time to test it out and see if it’s right for you.


  • Has advanced control system
  • Fitted with LCD display with ability to play videos
  • Comes with support bars that offer stability when exercising


  • Not fitted with heart rate sensor

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