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Vmax Pulser 2

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  • LED Display panel
  • 1600 watt Total Power
  • Rotary Speed Dials
  • Full Steel Construction
  • 27″ Edge to Edge Platform
  • 3-in-1 Vibration Motions
  • Dual Motor System
  • Ergonomic Handlebar System
  • G-force: 13.5Gs, Frequency: 5-22 Hz

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Description: Vmax Pulser 2

The PULSER 2 combines the best qualities of an excellent whole body vibration machine: reinforced steel construction, large vibration platform, 3 vibration motions, 3.0 HP 1100 watt + 500 watt motors. The brand new PULSER 2 utilizes the all new, rotary speed dials to allow for rapid speed adjustments at the turn of your fingers.

The PULSER 2’s integrated whole body vibration technology soothes the body with vibrations.Muscles involuntary contract in rapid flexes, delivering stretch-reflex stimulation not possible with conventional exercise – automatically warming muscles, joints, and increasing circulation.

A world’s first, the PULSER 2 is loaded with features: full 27″ edge-to-edge platform gives 58% more space, advanced microcomputer control panel with rotary speed dials, exclusive ergonomic handlebar system, and reinforced all steel contruction all put together in one smart, freestanding unit that coordinates three premium automated motions in one

Triangular Oscillation delivers regularly alternating up and down oscillation motion automatically engaging all major muscle groups. Regular routines speed fat burning, slimming, improve circulation and recovery.

Spiral Mode creates a horizontal, smooth, elliptical motion for muscle strengthening , toning, rehabilitation, and light workouts.

Dual Mode combines both the oscillation and spiral modes. Most effective for cellulite targeting and optimal human fitness. The ultimate in vibration training.

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  • Maximum power: 3.0 HP
  • 3 vibration modes: Triangular Oscillation, Spiral, Dual
  • Power consumption: 2 motors, 4th Generation High
  • Efficiency Dual Drive system @
    1100W and 500W with Vmax CCD
  • Vibration Frequency: Oscillation 5-22 Hz, Spiral 20-50 Hz, Dual 5-60Hz
  • Vibration Speed range: Oscillation @ 60 levels, Spiral @ 60 levels, Dual @ 60 levels
  • Vibration Amplitude: Triangular Oscillation @ 11mm, Spiral @ 1.5 to 2.5mm, Dual @ 1 to 11mm
  • Leveling System: Adjustable locking feet adjustment
  • G-Force: Up to 13.5G
  • Support System: Custom design horizontal balancing handle bar
  • 9 Preset programs + 3 user programmable routines
  • Tilt back and move the machine around with the rolling wheels
  • Reinforced metal bars to increase duty cycle
  • User weight capability: 200 kg, 440 lbs
  • Assembly dimensions (W x D x H): 27″ x 30″ x 58″
    110 V power input for USA and Canada power outlet


Vibration Machines used for professional or commercial purposes are warranted for a period of 1 year

Vibration Machines used for residential purposes are warranted for a period of 2 years

All residential use vibration machines carry a 5 year frame and motor warranty


The warranty period starts from the arrival date of the product. It will be the delivery date recorded by FedEx or UPS.

The new Vibration machine that you bought from the VmaxFitness.com website carries a manufacturer’s limited warranty provided by V-Max Fitness. This limited warranty covers manufacturing flaws that might occur during the warranty period. V-Max Fitness will, at its discretion, either repair, rebuild, or replace the faulty part or equipment in accordance with the terms set forth below. V-Max Fitness may, at its discretion, modify, remove, or add terms and conditions of the limited warranty at any time.

This manufacturer’s warranty only covers the following:

  • Flaws caused by materials or labor in the equipment that existed when the equipment was originally assembled
  • Faults that occur in normal use as defined in the user manual, and providing that V-Max Fitness’s instructions, maintenance and use have been followed
  • The original purchaser of the equipment who holds an original proof of purchase
  • Warranty coverage with shipping fees covered both ways for 2 years from original purchase delivery date, 1 year for commercial usage.

This warranty does not extend to or cover any of the following:

  • Equipment or components that have been modified without the consent of V-Max Fitness
  • Faults resulting from natural wear and tear, use in conditions for which the equipment is not intended, corrosion, or by accident, fire, flood, war, or acts of god
  • Maintenance activities, such as cleaning, lubricating and normal checking of parts; or installation procedures that customers can do themselves and that do not require dismantling or reassembling of the equipment
  • Damage or equipment failure caused by (i) electrical wiring not in compliance with applicable electrical codes, (ii) electrical wiring not in compliance with the user manual, or (iii) electrical wiring that has not been maintained as outlined in the owner’s manual
  • Repairs of consumable or cosmetic items, e.g., rubber plate, grips, seals, labels, or wheels


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