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Sonix Pulsation - Best Vibrations

Sonix Pulsation

Sonix Pulsation
8.5 Total Score
  • Sonic Waves
  • Low Noise Levels
  • Great for All Ages
  • Easy on Joints
  • MP3 Audio Jack
  • Auto / Manual Modes
  • Extremely Efficient
  • Highly Customizable

If you’re looking for new ways for your body to reach amazing levels of exercise, the Sonix Pulsation can help get you there. Not only is the Sonic Wave enjoyable throughout your entire body, but thanks to the high-tech equipment built into the device, it provides an effective workout to your muscles and joints.

The Sonic Waves are a Dream Come True

The Sonix Pulsation can either be used in your home or for commercial purposes. This Pulsation model has 12 varying modes and comes with a manual one as well. The total weight capacity of the Sonix Pulsation is up to 286 pounds, or 130 kilograms. However, aside from the boring stuff, this machine has an MP3 audio jack, as well as one of the most up-to-date electromagnetic technology to offer your body infrasound waves to help you get in shape. Also, the new modern technology that the Sonix Pulsation uses remedies noise levels and wear and tear that other models seem to have problems with.

It Offers the Best Results in the Shortest Time

The non-arbitrary sonic waves that the Sonix Pulsation creates helps increase your body’s overall strength by 30 percent in 85 percent less time than in a normal gym. Not only does this mean you can pack on muscle mass quicker than most gym goers, but also at a reduced risk of injury while working out. For most people, this is the best way to effectively workout in 10 minutes or less with the best results.

It Can Exercise Not Easily Exercisable Body Parts

The sonic waves that the Sonix Pulsation creates help stimulate muscles that are not easy to exercise. It can also help to reduce muscle fatigue that you may sustain from large, intense workouts. The Sonic Wave also helps stimulate tissue cells, facial muscles, and bones to help give your body the ultimate workout.

The Whole Family Can Use It

The Sonic Waves that the Sonix Pulsation offers a sizeable workout that the whole family can enjoy. It’s not limited to one certain type of person and it can be effective when used by young and old people alike. It’s also very effective towards relieving painful joints and/or ligaments. Even if you placed the Sonix Pulsation in a small area, your whole family can do aerobic exercises without a problem.

The Sonix Pulsation Has a Wide Variety of Exercise Programs

Fortunately, the Sonix Pulsation can be used by a wide audience, such as children or professional athletes. Additionally, depending on what the user’s physical condition is, you are able to self-pace yourself. As mentioned above, there are 12 pre-programmed modes and a manual mode, too. This offers a wide variety of customization so you can be sure you are getting exactly what you need from the machine. Plus, whether you’re looking to use it for sports, medical, or health purposes, there is a wide variety of applications.

The Bottom Line

The Sonix Pulsation is a fantastic full body vibration machine that is safe for use by people of all ages. Though it is on the pricier side of the spectrum, the quality of the machine and the benefits you will receive from using it make it worthwhile. In fact, it is one of the most effective vibration machines on the market today. Whether you are using it for health or medical purposes, you can gain a lot from using the Sonix Pulsation. Plus, with new technologies, you can be sure that you will achieve the results that you want.

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