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ZAAZ 20K - Best Vibrations


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8.6 Total Score
  • Very Lightweight
  • Large LCD Screen
  • 99 Speed Settings
  • 8 Training Programs
  • Highly Customizable
  • Sturdy Handle Bars
  • Great for All Ages
  • 2 Year Warranty

Vibration machines have been used around the world for years, and they are known for providing individuals with a great strengthening and toning workout without causing them to break much of a sweat. In fact, they were originally developed by Russian scientists who were searching for a way to help astronauts maintain bone density and muscle mass in space. In their process of studying the effects that vibrating machines had, even more substantial advantages were discovered. While they have been in use in many areas of the world for years, these machines are also becoming more popular in the United States. Many professional sports teams, gyms, fitness trainers and others use various styles of vibration machines. The ZAAZ 20K machine has a relatively high price, but it offers many more features than some of the more basic models on the market. With a closer look at the ZAAZ 20K, you can better determine if this vibration machine is well-suited for your budget and fitness goals.

How the ZAAZ 20K Works

Before you read reviews and explore the cost of the ZAAZ 20K, you’ll want to understand exactly what this fitness machine does. As is the case with all vibration machines, this machine requires you to stand on a vibrating plate or platform. It does have a bar for you to hang onto for stabilization. Because your body will need to tighten muscles to stabilize on this moving platform, the ZAAZ 20K can strengthen and tone many muscle groups at the same time. For those looking for an efficient way to exercise, this may be a fantastic solution.

Special Features in the ZAAZ 20K

The ZAAZ 20K machine is unlike many other whole body vibration machine styles that you may find on the market today. There are a total of 99 unique settings for this machine as well as eight pre-programmed workout routines that you can choose from.  This product is lightweight compared to its size, weighing approximately 100 pounds. It has exceptional functionality for most people because of its many settings. Furthermore, the LCD screen makes it easy for individuals to monitor their results. These features place it ahead of many other styles on the market.

The Benefits of Vibrating Machines in General

Some whole body vibration machine products promise incredible results. For example, some websites that offer the ZAAZ 20K for sale indicate that this product could positively impact your body in ways related to weight loss, pain relief, muscle toning and strengthening, improved circulation, better lymphatic system functionality and more. While much of this is true, some experts state that not all of these benefits have been proven. The muscle strengthening and toning benefits and the results for improved circulation are documented, but some experts say that this machine has not yet been proven to help individuals lose weight.

Other Things You Need to Know

Before you buy this product and begin trying to generate desired results from it, you should know about some of the potential downsides associated with this product. For example, the price of the ZAAZ 20K is a bit on the high side. In addition, some users have stated that the monitoring capabilities are not reliable. Because the product is very lightweight, others have stated that they do not feel stable or safe while holding onto the railing or when leading forward or to the side slightly.

Final Verdict

The ZAAZ 20K whole body vibration machine can provide you with significant health and wellness benefits that have been supported by experts as well as consumer reviews. However, as is the case with most products, there are pros and cons associated with it. As you read through different reviews, pay attention to these benefits and drawbacks, and consider how they will impact your results and your overall user experience. By doing so, you can better determine if this is the right vibration machine for you to purchase.

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