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Vmax Pulser - Best Vibrations
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Vmax Pulser

Vmax Pulser

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9.0 Total Score
  • Dual Motor System
  • Rotary Speed Dials
  • Wide Platform
  • High Weigh Limit
  • Sophisticated Display
  • Sleek & Modern
  • 9 Preset Programs
  • Sturdy & Durable

The new, revamped appearance of the Vmax Pulser 2 makes it a worthy purchase for any home or commercial gym. Whether you’re looking to use it for personal or professional work, this machine’s dual vibrational functions help to offer you a variety of health benefits that you just can’t get with any other exercise machine.

Display and Controls

The main display of the Vmax Pulser 2 has a more informative layout with a more advanced surface mount for the LED technology to allow for a sharper display and more durable functionality. Additionally, the oscillation vibration settings are arranged on the top left and the spiral vibration is arranged on the top right and shown as an orb with vibrating lines. The timer countdown is located in the middle, below the heart display. However, the heart display only shows a pumping heart icon when the machine is on and running, which may seem odd to include. There’s also a calorie counter below the speed vibration icon. This counter shows how many calories you burned in each session. However, keep in mind that this is estimated, and does not take height, gender, weight, etc. into account.

The Vmax Pulser 2 comes with a total of nine preset programs. You can see the current mode that’s on display under the oscillation vibration speed. You can use the buttons in the middle of the console to start or stop, adjust the time, change the different modes, put the machine in standby, and more. The rotary dials on the center of the console are used to alter the speed or change the mode or program. However, you will have to press the up/down buttons a few times to change the speed you want the machine to vibrate at. To work the rotary dials, all you have to do is smoothly turn them counter-clockwise to turn up the machine.

Platform Design

The Vmax Pulser 2 model is edge-to-edge and uses similar dimensions to other models, 27” x 30” x 58”. When you assemble the machine, it is much sturdier than other models. This model also has rear wheels, which allows you to roll it around to where you want it to go, which is a noticeable improvement to the older models.
Overall, the platform of the Vmax Pulser 2 is 27 inches wide by 20 inches deep, which makes it one of the largest dual vibration machines on the market. Plus, since it adopts an edge-to-edge design structure, you’re able to take advantage of the entire vibrating platform. This machine is approved for users up to 440 pounds, but this hasn’t changed in any of the Pulser models.

Frame, Body, Mechanics

The frame and body of the Vmax Pulser 2 haven’t changed much over the previous models. However, some things that have changed are the new chrome accents around the display buttons and rotary dials. Additionally, a carbon fiber strip has been added to surround the base platform. Also, the Pulser 2 has a PULSER emblem printed in black acrylic in the front of the machine. This model is glossier, which also means it’s prone to fingerprints, so make sure you have a clean microfiber cloth next to you.

Inside the machine, the Vmax Pulser 2 has a fourth generation high-efficiency dual drive system, developed by Vmax, and consists of an 1100-watt oscillation motor and a 500-watt spiral motor. Together, the two motors create less heat and friction than previous models.

The Vmax Pulser 2 has a built-in horizon bar that comes with a variety of functions, such as extra stability, balance, and support for users. Additionally, the bar has dual side handles that prevent the bar from excessive shaking at particularly high speeds. However, this shaking usually only happens when the machines are placed on uneven surfaces. But, excessive shaking makes these machines hard to use if they don’t have a horizontal bar, making the display hard to both control and read.

Final Thoughts

The Vmax Pulser 2 has some seriously new redesigns that do it justice. This machine had a durable interior overhaul that makes it worth every penny. Also, the LED display will last longer and has a more modern look, which contributes greatly to its new, sleek design. Although the calorie counter doesn’t offer much help, it’s a nice new addition. The preset programs are another great feature that users will appreciate.

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