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Vibe Plate - Best Vibrations

Vibe Plate

Vibe Plate
8.3 Total Score
  • Vertical Vibration
  • Lightweight
  • Made in USA
  • Lower Intensity
  • Versatile & Flexible
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Small & Portable
  • High Weight Capacity

With new fitness products hitting the market on a fairly regular basis, it can be difficult to sort through the options to find products that offer true benefits to your overall health and fitness level. One of the more unique products that may catch your eye is the Vibe Plate. This product was originally designed in Russia to promote bone density for astronauts in space, but scientists quickly realized that it has other benefits. The use of this product in areas around the globe has skyrocketed because of incredible claims about the amazing health results that it can produce for you. Before you buy a Vibe Plate, you’ll probably want to read a few reviews to understand it’s advantages and disadvantages.

What Is a Vibe Plate?

The Vibe Plate is essentially a vibrating platform that is designed to give you a total body workout in a unique way. While you stand on the platform, your muscles will work to stabilize you as the plate vibrates. Through this resistance, many muscle groups will be worked at the same time. It offers similar results to a weight training session at the gym in less time, and can help many people trim fat and tone their bodies if utilized regularly.

The Benefits of a Vibe Plate Workout

The workout sessions on a Vibe Plate can be customized based on your physical abilities and overall strength. You can start out at a low vibration speed for a few minutes at a time. As your muscles gradually get stronger, you can increase the amount of time spent on the vibrating plate as well as the vibration speed for a more intense workout.

The Vibe Plate can provide you with numerous health results without making you sweat. For example, in addition to toning and strengthening your muscles, it can also improve blood flow and circulation, promote lymphatic system health, stabilize hormones and more. Some of these healthy effects can then have a positive impact on your energy level, mood and overall health and well-being.

What to Expect From Vibe Plate Exercises

You may be interested in learning if the Vibe Plate really works. It is a favorite among many professional sports teams, in chiropractic offices, by personal trainers, in assisted living facilities and more. It is easy to assume that the product works well for most people regardless of their fitness level or overall physical abilities. However, some people may have trouble keeping their knees bent at the required angle for a lengthy period of time, and this is necessary to generate the best results.

Some marketing material related to the Vibe Plate make extensive claims about how miraculous the weight loss results can be. Although it is not known to promote substantial weight loss, many fitness experts say that exercising on a Vibe Plate can have positive effects on total body health in various ways. For example, it can promote good circulation, tone your muscles, increase bone density and more.

Before you look for a Vibe Plate for sale, it may be helpful to test out the product yourself. There are many gyms and fitness centers that now have at least one or two of these fitness machines on their premises. You can simply call around to a few venues to find one close to your location that has one. Through a tour of the gym, you may be able to step on the Vibe Plate for a few minutes to experience the exercise for yourself.

Altogether, the Vibe Plate is a machine that offers some excellent results for muscle toning, strengthening, bone density and more. However, if you plan to buy the Vibe Plate to enjoy other health benefits, such as weight loss, you should be aware that the machine’s ability to produce these results is not yet documented or proven.

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